Consultancy Services in Logistics and Transportation


BILBAO MULTIMODAL SERVICES was founded in 2011 as a freight forwarder and transport operator.

Over time, the company has gradually grown and found its place in the market, specialising in highly specific types of business such as cabotage to the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands or ro-ro and container haulage to North Africa, Ceuta and Melilla. It has now become one of the leading companies for such traffic in the Basque Country and northern Spain.

BILBAO MULTIMODAL SERVICES currently offers a wide range of services ranging from logistics consultancy to the selection of suppliers, while still maintaining its original commercial agency and delegation work in representation of any logistics operators who want to maintain a presence in our area of influence.


Bilbao Multimodal places the experience of its specialist workforce at the service of companies with high reputations in domestic and international transport. We market their transport services in our geographical area of influence through preferential agreements, agency contracts and other types of collaboration.

Our client portfolio covers all sectors, from foodstuffs to construction.

Thanks to our years of experience in different business areas as both a client and a provider of logistics services, we can offer our clients advice from a different, more open, more flexible viewpoint.


At Bilbao Multimodal we provide our clients with added value by offering all-round logistics solutions through consultancy services in specific areas such as selection of suppliers and help in preparing tenders.

We help to optimise resources and improve the supplying and provisioning of companies.

In short, we provide logistics management, thus releasing resources that our clients can then devote to the essential tasks of their business.

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